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It's all about coming home   Community Rendering Downtown Milton

Milton is a town steeped in history and tradition. Founded by Jasper Martin, who immigrated from Newcastle, England in the early 1800s -- and who built a thriving grist mill on the Six-Mile Creek -- the town quickly drew other settlers into the area. Although it was originally called Mill Town, it was later renamed as a tribute to Martin's love of the works of Elizabethan author John Milton. Today, Milton still retains an old world charm that hearkens back to another time. This is where families and friends gather at county fairs and socials, a place where people come together, connect and share a common bond. This village-like atmosphere was the inspiration for Traditions. And Milton's 19th century, small-town Ontario streetscapes, ambience and architecture is the style in which Traditions will emulate and extend from Main Street to your street.

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